New Weezer single doesn’t suck; Satan builds snowman, “ecstatic with results”

August 19, 2009

Well, this is interesting. Weezer have suffered the most catastrophic career nosedive of any band I can think of (maybe equalled by the Smashing Pumpkins) and their recent live shenanigans seem to have been the product of the fevered meanderings of those rapidly approaching nervous breakdowns. Witnesseth my earlier post with the Kids and Poker Face covers for details on that.

But hark! A new Weezer song! Look at the artwork!


Could it be? A Weezer song about romance? No frat-boy posturing? Surely not!

Well, it is. And it’s really rather good. Obviously, it pales compared to anything they committed to tape pre-2000 but it’s still an enjoyably catchy little number on unrequited love. It even reminds me a little of Girl Afraid (strictly in terms of theme only, I hasten to add).

Hopefully the new album is worth listening to also. My hopes aren’t high for that, given the other new songs played on their current tour. At least we have this little dusty nugget. For all interested, it can be streamed here.


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